Announcing The 2015 Saxxy Awards Nominees!

November 17, 2015 - SFM Team

It's been an action-packed Saxxy Awards this year, full of twists and turns, laughs and surprises! We have shorts from well-known members of the community from whom we've seen great things in the past, and from newcomers who are submitting their very first Saxxy entry. All of the entrants are winners in our book, but there's only so much space on Saxxy Awards web page, so we need to narrow down the entries to the best of the best.

So go watch the nominees for the 2015 Saxxy Awards, and see the best that the community has to offer! We'll announce the winners tomorrow, so while you discuss and debate who you think they'll be, you can also check out the rest of the entrants here.

As usual, there are some specific entries that weren't nominated, but we felt were worthy of special mention, and here they are:

Audience Choice Award
Mechanical Mishap

Best 2D/3D Mashup
A Spark Of Life

Best Commercial For Another Game
No Time To Waste

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