Now Accepting Submissions For The Fifth Annual Saxxy Awards!

November 4, 2015 - SFM Team

The submission window for The Fifth Annual Saxxy Awards is open! As we mentioned before, the submission process has changed, so upload your videos to YouTube and head over to your videos page on Steam Community and associate your videos with The 5th Annual Saxxy Awards. The final deadline is Wednesday, November 11th, 3:00PM PST, but as always, we strongly encourage you to submit early, to avoid last-minute network or computer problems preventing your submission from being entered into the contest, and to give you a chance to review your submission and make any last-minute changes.

Once you've submitted your video, you'll need to add it to the appropriate categories by updating the tags associated with the video. Don't forget that entries up to a minute should be tagged as Short, entries up to three minutes should be tagged with Action, Comedy and/or Drama, and entries over three minutes should only be tagged as Extended.

Don't forget to provide links to any music or other IP that your entry uses, and add your co-authors as contributors. Lastly, make sure that your submitted video is publicly visible, allows embedding, and is free of advertisements. We've updated the guidelines with more details on all of these requirements, so if you have any questions, check there first. If you have further questions, the SFM Steam Community is filled with many experienced SFM users and Saxxy contributors who may be able to help.

We can't wait to see what you've all been working on, so start those submissions coming!

Update: If you have links embedded in your videos using YouTube annotations or cards, please remove them before voting starts on Wednesday, November 11th. These embedded links are advertising those videos or channels, and aren't allowed in submitted videos. Links are allowed in the description of your video, so if you want to thank contributors or give viewers a way to find you online, that's where to put them.

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