They're waiting for you, Gordon, in the test chamberrrr.

August 18, 2014 - SFM Team

Ten years ago, a group of ambitious and talented volunteers decided to recreate and reimagine the original Half Life on the (at the time) brand new Source game engine. Two years ago, they released the first section of Black Mesa, which was subsequently greenlit by the Steam community. Today, we're excited to announce that they're sharing their assets with you, the Source Filmmaker community! The Black Mesa DLC includes maps, models, sounds, and particles, and is available under the same usage policy as the other DLC in the SFM.

So if you've been wanting to return to the world of Black Mesa, back when humanity still controlled its own fate but vortigaunts were still slaves of the Nihilanth, get going! We can't wait to see why houndeyes make better pets than debeaked head crabs, or watch the events that led to Eli Vance losing his leg!

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