Christmas Is A Little Early This Year

December 17, 2013 - SFM Team

Now that we've been able to take a little breather after the Saxxy's, we've finally found time for a couple updates that have been commonly requested. First off - the SFM now supports scaling models and even individual bones dynamically. (We can already picture the Meet The Heavy remakes with a tiny-head Heavy - extra credit for pitch shifting his dialog) We should mention that in our hurry to get it out before the holidays, it hasn't had as much testing as we'd like, so that feature may be even more beta than the SFM as a whole.

Secondly, the SFM Workshop now supports all of the commonly requested asset types. So maps, particles, materials, textures, scripts, sessions, shots and animation dmx files can now all be submitted to and downloaded from the workshop. Once you include their dependencies, maps, shots and sessions can get quite large pretty fast, so we've also increased the workshop quota to 1 GB.

So for those of you with some free time over the holidays, we're expecting big things! (Or comically small things - your choice.) Go share your maps, animations, textures or even entire shots, and earn the respect and admiration of the SFM community. Or just see if you can make anything more popular than the (multiple? really?) Scout's Mom-bots!

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